Class X Board Result of NDS 2018-19

*Proud Moment* CBSE 10th Result 2019: Proud Moment for Nirmal Family, A remarkable day for NDS With the blessings of HH Mahant Ram Singh ji and Sriman Sant Jodh Singh Ji the result of the NDS is 100%. Out of 168 students, 51 students scored more than 967 marks 1 YAMESH PANT 97.4 2 KANISHK RAYAL 97 3 KANISHKA RAJPUT 96.4 4 AKSHITA KHOLIYAL 96 5 ASTHA SHARMA 96 6 DIVYA MITTAL 96 7 AISHWARYA DAWAN 95.8 8 ADITYA TUTEJA 95.6 9 AMAN BISHT 95.4 10 ASTHA BADONI 95.4 11 PAWANDEEP KAUR 95.4 12 NIPUN JUGRAN 95.2 13 ABHAY TIWARI 95 14 ABHISHEK BASLIYAL 95 15 HIMANI PANWAR 95 16 RADHIKA BIST 94.6 17 JAHNVEE GOGIA 94.4 18 SIMRAN BISHT 94.4 19 ANUSHKA KOTIYAL 94.2 20 ABHAY RAJ YADAV 93.8 21 AMIT 93.8 22 ADITYA KAPRUWAN 93.6 23 DHRUV SHREE 93.6 24 GAURAV RAWAT 93.6 25 SAKSHAM JAIN 93.6 26 SANCHIT THAPLIYAL 93.6 27 AJAY PRATAP SINGH BAGRI 93.4 28 NISHITA AGGARWAL 93.4 29 PRIYANSHU DAS 93.2 30 SUSHMITA KALURA 93.2 31 PURUSHOTTAM SINGH 93 32 SHRISH SHARMA 93 33 RAYAN BANERJEE 92.8 34 KOMAL BHATT 92.6 35 VANI GUPTA 92.6 36 SHIVANG KALURA 92.4 37 AMAN RANA 91.8 38 Read More …

Class XII Board Result of NDS 2018-19

Gaurangi Chawla, a student of Nirmal Ashram School in Rishikesh, made it to the second position in the all-India list with a score of 498 out of 500. With the blessings of Mahant Ram Singh ji NDS students have brought the school to limelight. The hard work put in by the class XII students under the guidance of the team of gifted teachers has brought laurels to the school.

Annual Excursion Cum Study Tour 2019

FUN CUM EXCURSION Venue – Hanuman Temple, Fire Station, Nirmal Ashram01 May 2019, Wednesday “Travel in the young sort, is a part of education.In the elder a part of experience” Wednesday May 01 2019, It was an exciting moment for more than 150 students of Grade 2 from Nirmal Ashram Deepmala School when they visited various places at Rishikesh. The children were accompanied by their teachers. Bubbling excitement of kids made the atmosphere Vibrant. It was part of their experience to learn about fire safety and how to keep them safe in case of a blaze. They also learned role of fire fighters who support other emergency services in responding to fires. The students first reached at the Hanuman Temple, took blessings of Lord Hanuman Ji, followed by Prashad. Then they visited the fire station and watched demonstration given by the fire fighters. At last they visited Nirmal Ashram Rishikesh to seek the blessings of Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji and Sriman Sant Jodh Singh Ji. Children took prashad from Maharaj Ji and ate lunger also. According to Pierre “To Travel is to evolve” So after being evolved the students reached back to school

Class X Board Result of NDS 2017-18

Summary Of Result Total Students                          168 Appeared                                   168 Pass                                         168 Pass%                                       100 Merit                                        70    I Division                                  127                                       II Division                                  32                                                   III Division                                 09                                                              Above 95%                                 4      (Merit with Distinction)                                                   Above 90%                                 12    (Merit with Distinction)                   80% to 90%                              36    (Merit)                            60% to 80%                              75    Ist division Toppers Sr No Position Name of student Total Marks %age 1 I Richa Singh 490/500 98 2 II Shrishti Meghani 481/500 96.2 3 III Priyanshu Rana 480/500 96 Subject wise Highest Marks Eng                       Read More …

Class XII Board Result of NDS 2017-18

Result Class XII (Science Commerce) Session 2017-18 With the blessings of Mahant Ram Singh ji NDS students have brought the school to limelight. The hard work put in by the class XII students under the guidance of the team of gifted teachers has brought laurels to the school. Swadha Gupta of Commerce stream stood overall first with 97.5%. She secured 100 in Business Studies and 99 in both Mathematics and economics. She has made her parents and school feel very proud of her. Chirag Jain stood Second with 94.6% and Hitesh Arora stood Third with 94.2%. God Bless the NDS School! Summary of Result   Total Students      124 Appeared              124 Pass                      124 Pass%                   100 Merit                     45 I Division              115 II Division             08 III Division            01 Above 90%            09 (Merit with Distinction) 80% to 90%          31(Merit) 60% to 80%          75 Ist division   Subject wise Highest Mark   Eng                                         96 Hindi                                      95 Maths                                    99 Physics                                  95 Chemistry                             95 Biology                                  93 Business Studies                 100 Accounts                               95 Economics                            99 Computer                             94 Physical Education             97 Painting                                 100   Toppers Sr No Position Name Read More …

An Educational Tour

With the blessings of Mahant Ram Singh Ji Maharaj & Sant Jodh Singh Ji Maharaj and under the guidance of principal NDS, Mrs. Lalitha Krishnaswamy an educational tour had been organised for class 2nd children.  All the teachers were on heels to escort 170 students to different places like Hanuman temple, Ancient Shiva temple(IDPL), Post Office,  Nirmal Ashram Gurudwara and Railway station. Students were brimming with excitement when they visited different places. Children learn best when they have fun with their peers and are confident in the environment. By visiting Holy and spiritual places they learn basic of prayers- to bow, kneel down, to hold hands, reciting of mantras before lunch, taking parsad with two hands etc. In post office, children were explained about means of communication, about different stamps and  their working procedure. They meet postman and discuss many things with him. In railway station, it was amazing for some students to see the train for the first time. It was really a good experience to have fun with Nirmalalites. I express heartfelt gratitude to my teachers & staff for making this visit memorable. 

Proud Moments

NEET 2017 Selection – Aditi Gupta & Raghav Bakshi  Our Ex-Student Raghav Bakshi (269 Rank)  & Aditi Gupta (418 Rank)   cracked NEET 2017. Mast. Raghav Bakshi, Son of Mr Pradeep Kumar Bakshi (Nirmal Hospital) got state rank 269. Ms Aditi Gupta daughter of Mrs Anjali Gupta madam got state rank 418. Both got admission in Government Doon Medical College, Dehradun in MBBS course.

Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi (naval architecture) – NDS Ex-Student

India’s first all-women crew set to sail around the world   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Lt Commander Vartika Joshi, a naval architect, was appointed the first woman Skipper of Mhadei on February 8, prior to the return voyage. Her shipmates are Lt P Swathi, Lt Pratibha Jamwal (Air Traffic Control specialists), Lt Vijaya Devi and Sub Lieutenant Payal Gupta (both Education officers).  The sixth member of the crew, Lt B Aishwarya, is a naval architect and is expected to join the boat shortly.  Read more at: