Chairman’s Message

This world is a unique creation of Almighty to live in and prosper. And for this, we all can help in making it a better place. Education is not one of the means but the most important and effective way to make the world a better, more attractive place. As a matter of fact, the world becomes a place worth living in, only if and when people know themselves and strive to become better. Since the dawn of civilization, man has made conscious and unconscious efforts to give himself a better life. These efforts go on. Man strives to give himself better standards as far as living is concerned. Imagine what life or this world would have been like had man not cared to bring light in his is said before the speech (not in today’s contest) evolved itself and man lived in caves his world was limited to his immediate surroundings. For him, a man coming from another part of the forest was a lien and almost a danger to his existence. 

It took man perhaps millions of years to reach the present standards. To-day the pia net earth is not his only home. The soIa r system has assumed new dimensions. Life- it is presumed- exists (in what form we do not know) at least on another planet as well. The man has started thinking and planning of travel to Kepler (where the possibility of life is considered very bright) is at a distance of only 600 light years. 

Yet many of the species are living in a more than primitive world.We have a very large percentage of the species who are not bothered about keeping even the immediate surroundings clean. We come across people who shall spit anywhere and everywhere. They are ‘proud’ men and women (what are they proud of nobody knows) who shall exhibit the degree of their culture (vulture) be shouting, screaming, using intemperate language and intruding upon others’ right to decent and dignified conduct, behavior and speech.

We can make this world a better place to live in. We have been provided with facilities, circumstances and means to make the surroundings better and healthier for ourselves and our neighbours. This world is a beautiful place to live in. Let us make every effort to make it better. let us be aware of the fact that it is our duty to make life beautiful, worth living and meaningful for everybody (including ourselves and our neighbours everywhere). We must also be aware of the vital fact that man’s sense of dignity is NOTte be hurt. 

We can claim to be learning all that makes MAN a better human being. We are consciously making an effort to make this world a better place by learning to do better in life-as it is expected of us. We sha II strives to rna ke this world a better place. We are fortunate that on this beautiful campus we are blessed by His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh

We are fortunate that on this beautiful campus we are blessed by His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh ji Maharaj whose sheer presence, howsoever brief, imparts dignity and spiritual aura to the place where we develop and gain knowledge. We are grateful to God for that. He has let our destiny be guided and determined by Sant Baba Jodh Singh ji Maharaj who is a symbol of Perfection. He imparts grace, dignity and near perfection to everything he contemplates and translates into action.

Our teachers are enlightened individuals who work with devotion for the welfare of the children. I seek the benign blessings of the Supreme Being for all those who are engaged in the great task of imparting education to His children.


Waryam Singh