Annual Excursion Cum Study Tour 2019


Venue – Hanuman Temple, Fire Station, Nirmal Ashram
01 May 2019, Wednesday

“Travel in the young sort, is a part of education.
In the elder a part of experience”

Wednesday May 01 2019, It was an exciting moment for more than 150 students of Grade 2 from Nirmal Ashram Deepmala School when they visited various places at Rishikesh. The children were accompanied by their teachers. Bubbling excitement of kids made the atmosphere Vibrant.

It was part of their experience to learn about fire safety and how to keep them safe in case of a blaze. They also learned role of fire fighters who support other emergency services in responding to fires. The students first reached at the Hanuman Temple, took blessings of Lord Hanuman Ji, followed by Prashad.

Then they visited the fire station and watched demonstration given by the fire fighters. At last they visited Nirmal Ashram Rishikesh to seek the blessings of Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji and Sriman Sant Jodh Singh Ji. Children took prashad from Maharaj Ji and ate lunger also.

According to Pierre “To Travel is to evolve”

So after being evolved the students reached back to school

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