Dhruv House

Dhruv was the son of King Uttanapada and Suniti. The king lavished his affection on another queen Suruchi and her son, but ignored Suniti and Dhruv. Dejected, Dhruv found solace in his mother who advised him to pray before Vishnu and attain greater position than his father and step-brother. Dhruv left the palace and in the course of his journey met the sages Marichi and Vasishta. At first, considering he was just a young lad, the sages discouraged him. But Dhruv was adamant and the sages imparted the bare-essential basics of asceticism and taught the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya!’.

Dhruv left the sages and reached Madhuban on the shores of river Yamuna and started his penance. Without taking food or water he continued the uninterrupted chanting of the mantra. The earth and the heaven trembled and Indra mistook that the prince was geared up to supplant him and take over Dev Loka. He tried his best to disrupt the penance but in vain. Indra met Vishnu and pleaded to save him from the designations of the prince.

Vishnu appeared before Dhruv and hearing the story of dejection the prince had suffered, offered him a position high above his antagonist father. Vishnu said- “I am placing you in the heaven, high above the SaptaRishis and NavaGrahas, the Sun and the Moon; those who look upon you will understand the power of devotion”. Dhruv became Dhruv-Nakshatra, the Pole Star.

Mr. Manohar Singh Rawat

Mrs. Renu Ahuja

Mrs. Mrs. Rajni Damir


Mrs. Rajni Rajpal,  Mrs. Manisha Manjul, Mrs. Karuna Kukreti, Mrs. Manisha Rohilla, Ms. Bela Chhabra, Mrs. Alpa Sharma, Mrs. Ruchika Makhija 


House Captain      (Boy)    Mast. Satyam Chaudhary    (Girl)    Ms. Sneha Painuly

House Sports Captain (Boy)    Mast. Akash Bhandari  (Girl)    Ms. Yatika Singh

House Prefects  (Boy)    Mast. Ajay Bhandari   (Girl)    Ms. Anisha Kuliyal