Eklavya House

Eklavya was the son of Hiranyadhanus, the king if Nishadas, a low strung tribe. His ambition was to become a great warrior. When the Great Guru Drona established his hermitage in the vicinity of Hastinapura he approached him and begged to be taken as a disciple. But Drona, the royal Guru of the Kuru Princes Arjun and his brothers refused to take him as a disciple for fear of the consequences of teaching a low tribe boy along with the blue-blooded Princes.
Though disheartened, Eklavya didn’t give up. He sculptured a clay idol of Drona and started practicing archery in front of it. He regarded the statue as his Guru. In the passage of time he became a master archer by his constant endeavor.
One day the Kuru Princes came to the forest for hunting. Their ferocious hunter-dogs ran around barking loudly. Distracted from his concentration, Eklavya shot seven arrows one by one in the general direction of the noise. Arjun was surprised to see the skill with which the mouth of a dog was sewn shut by the seven arrows. When asked by Arjun Eklavya claimed he is a disciple of Guru Drona.
Confronted by Arjun on the issue of teaching and imparting greater skill to an outcaste, the enraged Drona proceeded to the forest and demanded Eklavya to offer his right thumb as Guru-Dakshina. It was a diabolically thought out plan to take away his mastery with the bow and arrows. Though aware of this, without hesitating Eklavya cut his right thumb and offered it to Guru Drona. Eklavya remains the epitome of unadulterated devotion for the Guru showered by a disciple.


Mrs. Anjan Saxena

Taranjeet Singh

Mrs. Vandana Agarwal



Mrs. Niraja Trivedi, Ms. Ranjit Kaur, Mrs. Meenakshi Shridhar, Mrs. Deepti Chaudhary, Mrs. Maushmi Dhingra, Ms. Shveta Sachdeva, Mrs. Garima Arora, Mrs. Asha Rawat, Mrs. Kamlesh, Mrs. Surbhi Sharma, Mr. Peyush Sharma, Ms. Deepika Rana, Ms. Deepa Rajbhar


House Captain (Boy)     Mast. Aditya Shankar      (Girl) Ms. Ishu Yadav

House Sports Captain (Boy)    Mast. Vivek Nautiyal      (Girl) Ms. Arshita Chauhan

House Prefects  (Boy)   Mast. Shashank Raturi       (Girl) Ms. Akshita Rajbhar