Abhimanyu House

Abhimanyu was the offspring of Arjun and Subhadra. From the womb itself he had occasion to learn the trick of breaking into the war formation known as Chakra-Vyuha. He had heard his father discussing the trick with his mother. Soon enough he got an opportunity to test his skill. He was just sixteen when the Kurukshetra war started.
While his father Arjuna had been lured away to fight the Shamsapthakas (100 warriors who had sworn either to kill Arjuna or die trying), Drona had arrayed the Kaurava army in the Chakra-Vyuha, attempting to win the battle by capturing the Pandava king Yudhishtra . In desperation, for no one other than Arjuna or Abhimanyu could break this formation, the Pandava warriors asked the young prince to lead them. Abhimanyu had confessed before his soldiers that he could lead them in but he had not learned the way of breaking out of the vyuha. They promised him once they could penetrate into the vyuha, they would do their best and help him get out of it. Abhimanyu lead the way and entered the vyuha. 
The skill of the youngster at war equaled that of his illustrious father, and he was able to unleash a ferocious onslaught on the Kauravas and destroy a major portion of their army. Yet, the final outcome was against Pandavas. Desperate on the face of the immense loss, the Kauravas broke the war rule of single combat and ganged up on Abhimanyu and killed him. Though fell for treachery and lost, the valor of the boy was applauded ever since.

Mrs. Sushma Rai

Ms. Priya Chawla

Mrs. Sandhya Thapa



Mrs. Reena Singh, Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur, Mrs. Laxmi Pokhriyal, Mrs. Anjali Gupta, Mrs. Kamlesh Singhal, Mrs. Renu Hasani, Mr. Mizi Minocha, Mrs. Manju Sharma, Mr. Sunil Kumar, Ms. Aanchal Kamboj, Mrs. Tanuja Joshi, Ms. Shubhangi Gupta.


House Captain      (Boy)    Mast. Abhishek Bhatt      (Girl)    Ms. Megha

House Sports Captain (Boy)    Mast. Amar Negi   (Girl)    Ms. Ankita Rana

House Prefects  (Boy)      Mast. Konark Gairola   (Girl)    Ms. Shikha Jakhmola